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 Helicopter Spraying

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Helicopter Bracken Spraying by Mike Davies of M.D.Air Services Hereford

Tynybryn Farms, under our Tir-Gofal agreement we have agreed to Establish three New Broadleaved Woodlands with Scrub on our Hill farm at Dolfor.

The three pieces of land are very steep with dense bracken covering the slopes. We used a Helicopter from Mike Davies of M.D Air Services, Hereford (see below for pictures & details) to spray the bracken, because the land is so steep.

They did a great job, killing the bracken and enable the young trees we planted to establish themselves.

We found Mike to be very professional and helpful.

M.D.Air Services


Telephone & Fax : 01432 890622

web-site - www.mdairservices.com  

To allow sufficient time for necessary consultations, anyone interested in helicopter bracken spraying should make contact with us between autumn and early spring prior to the spray operation. Also if you are interested in Springtime aerial services (fertiliser and lime spreading, lifting of fencing materials etc. into areas of poor access) we would ask that you please do try and contact us by the end of February if possible.

Further Good News for Landowners/Farmers with Bracken Problems

The Bracken Control Group have informed us that Asulox for Use on Bracken Control will be Authorised for the 2017 Season

Please refer to our website as listed above for full information on Bracken, its rate of expansion, the problems it causes (economic and health), control methodologies, and some information about ourselves



Helicopter getting loaded to spray bracken


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